Written by luca.t@fultools.it on March 23, 2020 in News

Dear Customer, dear Supplier,
Worsening of coronavirus situation in Italy has lead Italian Government to dispose shut- down of all economic and manufacturing activities that are considered not essential in the emergency. (Essential activities are the ones connected to food, hospitals, pharmacy, energy, banks).
Validity of such measure is until 3rd April.
F.U.L. srl, as all Italian Companies considered as not essential, suspends all activities of production and logistics.
From  23rd to 25th  March we are allowed to finish pending activities in the halls and warehouses, included shipments . This means that in the period from 26th to 3rd April facilities are totally locked-down.

We will do our best to stay in touch with you for any updating during this period, since remote activity is allowed.
Thank you for your support, king regards

F.U.L. Srl