F.U.L. SRL has got a lot of experience since many years in the production of welded pipes
This allows us to offer our customers highly qualified products for the pipe mills field, can solve daily problems faced during internal and external scarfing, and especially to design and provide complementary accessories for the HF welded tubes.
For this reason, we can also manufacture special tools designed specifically for the customer needs.

Our standard product range includes:

  • carbide inserts coated with the best performing types of CVD and PVD that the market can offer;
  • HSS inserts;
  • aluminum oxide inserts (ceramic)
    They are all available for the external and the internal scarfing
  • Standards (or custom made) tool holders for external scarfing.
  • Complete pneumatic and mechanical system for internal scarfing
  • Ferrites with high magnetic permeability (TDK)
  • Fiberglass Tubes high temperatures resistant (180 ° C – 220 ° C)
  • Copper Inductors, Teflon PTFE and EPOXY coated
  • Complete impeders “through” or “return” flow
  • HSS / TCT Circular saw blades and HSS “guigliottine” Vertical blades
Inside Scarfing

F.U.L. develops, builds and finally sells complete systems for welding bead removal, inside High Frequency welded tubes. These plants have got innovative characteristic to be fully pneumatic.

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External Scarfing

F.U.L. supply a huge range of carbide inserts for every different solutions needed in the external scarfing. In the three different sizes (square 15 mm,19 mm and 25mm) we provide negative and positive tungsten carbide inserts for the external weld bead removing.

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Copper Inductors

F.U.L. realize copper inductors designed for major high-frequency generators (Emmedi - Termomacchine - efd elva - thermatool - Elotherm )

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We can offer, a wide range of impeders , available for every kind of raw material (carbon steel, pickled, cold and hot rolled, stainless steel, pre-galvanized steel, aluminum and other alloys) HF welded from 10 to 400 mm of outer diameter.

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Fiberglass Tube

F.U.L. can supply fiberglass tube for each type of application you need and on demand. Fiberglass tube is a fundamental part for the construction of the impeders. Using best ferrites without "isolating" at best, would mean not to have the highest efficiency of the same.

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Ferrite Cores

The brand is the most performing ferrite cores existing on the market, for high frequency tube welded as: TDK.

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Vertical and Horizontal Blades

They are made by ourself, here in Italy, in M2 or M42 HSS steel for all flying cut off line used for the carbon and/or stainless steel tubes High Frequency welded.

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HSS Circular Saw Blades

F.u.l. can supply circular saws in high speed steel (5% molybdenum content) suitable for cutting-off steels and alloys with tensile strength between 500 N/mm² and 800 N/mm². The saw blades are used on manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic sawing machines to cut tubes and pipes, open sections and solid sections up to 200 mm.

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Automatic systems for ANTIRUST oil application on steel surface

This machine is designed to constantly apply the protective liquid on profiles and tubes assuring an uniformly application all over the steel surface: this gives back a very interesting yield/consumption ratio.

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