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  • Professional Tools for Industry

Automatic systems for ANTIRUST oil application on steel surface


Automatic protective oil system for pipes and profiles.

This machine is designed to constantly apply the protective liquid on profiles and tubes assuring an uniformly application all over the steel surface: this gives back a very interesting yield/consumption ratio.
The oil micronization , with low pressure, extends the protective liquid film without wasting product and without over spray emission.
The use of metered and low-rotating pumps allows to adjust the amount of Lubricant from 0.05 to 40 cc / min for each spray gun installed. This system allows to have under
control quantity of product used, whenever oil density, temperature, Barometric pressure or room temperature change. This delivery constancy, can be used as a guarantee of the product and film protection application.
The spray box drainage and suction system and air treatment, allows to completely recover the particles which had no impact on the surface or condensed inside the machine.
The product, recovered from our system and stored in the tank of drainage, suitably filtered by the oil treatment system,can be re-used.
The suction system, assembled all around the surface profile outlet, prevents spraying of the spray over the air without disturbing pulverization inside the box.
The air treatment unit prevents the pulverine from going to settle around the machine or be breathed by personal thanks to a dedicated filter system and the effective final filter Hepa 13 (absolute filtration European Standardized Classification EN1822)
which, only after this, will release the purified air into the environment again.
Another important factor is the size of the lubricant that measures, along the pipe passage axis, only 250mm. (While the blowing and washing system measuring about 400mm needs a minimum distance from the Spraying system of another 200mm approx.). This has always allowed us to install our machines without modify anything in the existing line.



Control unit in varnished steel.Control system of pulverization pressure for upper and lower rows of spraying valves.
Interport internal illumination.
Security system with double anti-tampering door (the external one made of glass).

Hydraulic and pneumatic electrical connections.

  • Control selectors on the control panel
    • Selector: Man/OFF/Auto
    • Selector: two-valves or four-valves operation
  • Control lights as follow:
    • White : Machine under tension
    • Green : Activation of spraying n.1 (two-valves)
    • Green : Activation of spraying n.2 (four-valves)
    • Red : Lack of oil Alarm
  • Orange : Minimal oil level Indicator
  • Power supply: 220Vac/24Vdc with protection
  • Switching for the activation of spraying valves with group of static relays.
  • Air reducers with manometer to control pulverization pressure at spraying valves.


Control of pump speed and of the relative quantity supplied in cc/mm with digital electronic potentiometer with display.


The system is equipped with a spraying box, to be installed over your roller track, for hosting the supply valves and the gear aspiration and alimentation pump.

Inside, there is a valve panel allowing valves’ placement, both vertical and horizontal and with the possibility of rotation.

The panel is extractable even in case of profile passing through the machine.

The box will be equipped with 4 fan valves divided in two activation sector due to the dimension of the profile and controlled by electronic valves for the spray command. (safety opening of the valves is pneumatic)


The machine is equipped with a double supporting shell, to manually regulate height, assured by scrolling bearings, hand wheels and a female thread.


The system is equipped with a gear pump with four separated outlets.

The aspiration system includes the support of charge and recycling pipes with a dip tube per reservoir of 200 liters.

The pump is united to a step-by-step motor controlled by a specific electronical card monitoring the motor speed chosen by the digital potentiometer.

Variation in power supply: 0,5-120 cc/mm ca.

Oil Filtering System with wide stainless steel filter for inspection the charge line under pressure.

Level switch with mobile block allowing to modify the height of warning signal (minimal level).



Sensor for detecting the pressure of the pneumatic line. In case of pressure decreasing, a warning (or a line interruption) activates as sole warning.


Capacitive sensor for detecting the product presence in the distribution line. In case of lack of product, a warning (or a line interruption) activates as sole warning.

CCS Clogging Control System

The system consists of 2 sensors between the pump and the lubrication valves.

This accessory, through a micro-pressure control in the system, detects, in real time, any clogging of the lubrication valves giving back an warning signal (which can also be remotely controlled) even stopping the production line .



The group is formed by a “trap” of over spray aspiration located on the outlet of the lubricating machine connected to the air aspiration and treatment unit.
N.01 Air Aspiration and Treatment Unit, equipped as follow:

1st stage:

Aspiration Block for inspection in varnished steel with motor and aspiration valve (female screw shaped), with a self-cleaning re-condenser and restoration of the bigger oil particles.

2nd stage:

Coalescence filter with system of oil drainage and restoration and regeneration with the machine stopped

3rd stage:

Absolute filtration – filter HEPA H13 EN 1822

  • Absolute Filtration according to European Rank normalized EN 1822
  • Filter HEPA up to H13 – efficient for particles
  • Filtration efficiency 99,97%
  • Class of fire behaviour conform to DIN 53438

Outgoing air, after treatment, can be released indoor.


Cold wash system + compressed air pre-drying

Washing tank, with cold cleaner.

The system consists of a three-section steel tank connected to the lubrication box.
A drying area from cooling water and three washing with scraping diaphragm door.
Triple dispenser with dosing taps.
Scraper diaphragm holding flanges.

Venturi-tube for tube drying unit connected to the compressed air net with dosing tap.

The whole system is automatic and starts together with the lubrication unit.
Double trap diaphragm pump and pressure fluid supply of the washing liquid with product recycle system and purification with 200 msh inspectable and washable filter.

Power pump safety system with locked solenoid valve when machine doesn’t work.

Compressed Air Flow and Blown System layout.


Oil filtration and recovery system

The system consists of a three-stage steel box for liquid deposition and a lid for closing equipment, which can be opened for inspection and cleaning.

Three stands divided and connected for rolling.

  • A- water separation stand.
  • B- large particle separation stand.
  • C- Impurity separation stand.


  • A- Filter stand with magnetic element cartridge for fine metal particles.
  • B- Filtering unit with 200mm instable stainless steel cartridge
  • C- Recycled recycling pump with 24 Vdc motor
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