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Ferrite Cores

The brand is the most performing ferrite cores existing on the market, for high frequency tube welded as: TDK.

Resistivity, permeability, core losses, flux density… all these features considered at working point (not at roam temperature, as many manufactures advert their materials) ensure to all our customers the longer impeder’s lifetime.

This longer impeder’s life, takes less milling line stops for impeder replacing.

Thanks to that you can get:

  • Less tube scraps while milling line
  • Less tube scraps while milling restarting
  • Higher production yield due to less time lost for impeder replacing.

F.U.L. can also develop special custom made size and shapes.

Important: Further technical details available on demand.

Ferrite: types and dimension

ZRS: Round with longitudinal flutes/grooves. For better cooling. It has replaced ZR shaped type. Available from DIA5 till DIA30 (1mm incremental step)

ZRSH: Round with hole and longitudinal grooves for better cooling. It has replaced type ZRH. Available from Stock from DIA 7 to DIA 95

NOTICE: Using standard ferrite cores, the hole size use to be half than outside diameter.

Otherwise, customer can get alternative dimensions as follow:

  • standard = ZRSH 10x5x200 (standard)
  • alternative = ZRSH 10x3x200
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