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  • Professional Tools for Industry

Fiberglass Tube

F.U.L. can supply fiberglass tube for each type of application you need and on demand.
Fiberglass tube is a fundamental part for the construction of the impeders.

Using best ferrites without “isolating” at best, would mean not to have the highest efficiency of the same.

Thanks to our experience in the development of the internal scarfing systems, and working side by side with the most important welded pipe producer all over the world, we have developed the best material for this application.

Main features:

  • EPOXY FIBERGLASS, obtained by winding wires and / or fabric, with excellent mechanical strength and heat (180-220 ° C)
  • Sharpened on the outside diameter in order to have a smooth surface (wire)
  • Painted with epoxy resin on the outside in order to have a smooth surface (fabric)

Important further technical information on request

The material is normally available from stock; It is still available in 4 weeks

Celeron (or Bakelite) bars in construction for caps

All material from dia 5 mm to dia x 90 mm L=1000 mm; normally available from stock

  • Easy to process with conventional machine tools including thread;
  • excellent resistance to temperature;
  • it is not conductor of heat, and even the current (non-magnetic);
  • it does not absorb liquids.

This material is indicated for the output cap dell’impeder, but can be utlizzzato absolutely also for that entry (header joint)

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